Thursday, October 30, 2008

sometimes so empty

like the stage after all the people leave, like the party (or even the last supper) after everyone goes home or falls asleep, the afterblog is for the last few who stay awake, who hang out at the stage door, who can't get enough, like me, and sometimes, the afterblog seems for no one but me...

but it's here... to remind me that the show must go on and more, that when the show is over, there is still a life to share, even if that remains a dream for now... the afterblog remains for whomever cares, for whomever finds it, for the one, and for me...

for even when it seems only for me, when everyone is gone or sleeping and it feels so empty, it is still full of hope... this is the afterblog.

hope it doesn't scare you.

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